About me

I am a Bangladeshi-Canadian artist, living in Toronto. Art has always been my passion as well as my retreat from the demands of everyday life.  Having graduated in Architecture, I am drawn towards visual composition and balance. I am fascinated and inspired by colourful culture and traditions. I love forms which are powerful in their simplicity and embrace an abstract style.

I started drawing and sketching on my own as a teenager, and  eventually took formal art lessons. I have worked in various media including oil, acrylics, charcoal and ink, but oil is always my favourite. As I started painting again after a 24 year break, I found myself moving away from realism and began exploring abstract expressionism, including taking a few courses. I became more and more intrigued with the versatility of abstract art, and how it can evoke impulsion in the viewer to find their own path to interpretation. 

I first started showing my art in public in 2015, and have participated in several art exhibitions since then, including a solo exhibition. I also teach art lessons and workshops. I love to create fun and innovative art workshops such as expressionist style pet portraiture and self portraits. In partnership with my husband, I am also a co-curator of art events, and we are opening a brick and mortar creative hub for art enthusiasts in early Spring of 2017, called "artusiasm". 

To me, painting is meditative, therapeutic and expressive. It helps me be in the moment. I am continually modifying my style and techniques to find new ways of expressing myself. I love to explore the realms of colour, texture and form. I hope my paintings can be a source of comfort and inspiration to the viewer, and somehow make a connection with one's inner self. 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Please e-mail me if you are interested in my art.

Tanzina Amin