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Tanzina Amin

A Bangladeshi-Canadian visual artist with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Tanzina is a dynamic, passionate and creative leader in the arts and culture sector with extensive experience in corporate management roles.

Tanzina co-founded Artusiasm, a trailblazer art gallery and curating business to promote local artists and foster networking and exposure through an inclusive and accessible platform where emerging talents showcase their work alongside seasoned artists. She is also on the Board of Directors of a charity arts organization.

After experiencing a series of traumatic losses, Tanzina went through intensive grief therapy in 2019, which changed her priorities in life. Since then she left the corporate world and has been devoting her time volunteering, creating art and practising wellness programs and activities. She is a certified reiki practitioner and palliative volunteer. Most recently, Tanzina completed a certificate course on Healing with the Arts offered through the University of Florida. She is always eager to help others heal using creative and holistic approaches.

Artistic Background and Style:

Primarily self-taught, Tanzina has taken professional courses and lessons in oil painting, acrylics, abstract expressionism and design theories in Bangladesh and Canada. Her works vary from realism to abstraction, landscapes to figures; her personal favourites being expressionist portraits and figures in vivid colours and bold strokes.

Art, Workshops, Classes:

Tanzina’s paintings can be found in various private collections across Canada, US, Europe and Asia. She also teaches drawing and painting lessons as well as innovative workshops such as meditative art, pet portraits, expressive self portraits and more. Currently Tanzina is conducting virtual art classes and workshops.


Art has always been Tanzina’s retreat from the stresses of a fast-paced life. She is inspired by colourful ethnic cultures and traditions. She loves forms which are powerful in their simplicity and embrace an abstract style. Tanzina is a strong believer in the healing power of positivity and art for mental health and well-being.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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