About Me

I am a Bangladeshi-Canadian artist, living in Toronto. Art has always been my passion as well as my retreat from the demands of everyday life.  Having graduated in Architecture, I am drawn towards visual composition and balance. I am fascinated and inspired by colourful culture and traditions. I love forms which are powerful in their simplicity and embrace an abstract style.

I started drawing and sketching on my own as a teenager, and  eventually took formal art lessons. I have worked in various media including oil, acrylics, charcoal and ink, but oil is always my favourite. As I started painting again after a 23+ year break, I found myself moving away from realism and began exploring abstract expressionism, including taking a few courses. I became more and more intrigued with the versatility of abstract art, and how it can evoke impulsion in the viewer to find their own path to interpretation. 

I teach art lessons and workshops. I love to create fun and innovative art workshops such as expressionist style pet portraiture and self portraits.

To me, painting is meditative, therapeutic and expressive. It helps me be in the moment. I am continually modifying my style and techniques to find new ways of expressing myself. I love to explore the realms of colour, texture and form. I hope my paintings can be a source of comfort and inspiration to the viewer, and somehow make a connection with one's inner self. 


More About Me



The The Blind Tiger is simultaneously one of my most personal and relatable works. Most people find that part of their private soul is on display through The Blind Tiger. Fans often compare their first interaction with this piece to the feeling of slowly being undressed in front of a crowd of blind onlookers. This piece and others are currently on display in my studio.


The Animal in the Man is one of the earliest works of my career, yet it touches upon some elements that continue to fascinate me and are somehow embedded into my work. An artist’s theme can often be seen and felt throughout the years, collections, and even individual pieces. Please get in touch in order to learn more about this piece.


This continues to be a controversial piece with mixed reviews from art critics. To me, Chaos of Humanity represents an incredibly powerful theme that permeates our daily lives. With the use of color and abstract expression, I manage to evoke both the positive and negative energy of humankind, its selfishness, but also its incredible resilience.

To learn more about my artistic journey, please inquire below.